As the first children’s hospital in Orange County, Children’s Hospital of Orange Country (CHOC) has been committed to pediatric care since 1964. Today, CHOC’s regional pediatric healthcare network spans a 334-bed, state-of-the-art hospital in Orange and a 54-bed hospital-within-a-hospital in Mission Viejo. Through four centers of medical excellence, 30 specialty areas, and more than 100 additional programs and services, CHOC strives to provide the highest quality pediatric care possible to more than 185,000 children every year. Driven by its mission “to nurture, advance, and protect the health and well-being of children,” CHOC employs more than 700 providers and trains more than 500 residents, fellows, and medical students annually.

Fast Facts

Dynamic Network Advisors began partnering with CHOC several years ago to evaluate the hospital’s IT budget. By providing telecom expense management (TEM) services to analyze the hospital’s IT spending, Dynamic helped CHOC uncover six figures of savings to reallocate toward patient care.


CHOC’s executive team didn’t have a clear picture of the hospital network’s IT spending. To optimize the budget, they needed to understand how much they were paying telecom carriers, and if their usage rates matched their bills.

CHOC’s IT team focused on keeping systems running—not reviewing invoices from service providers. As a result, billing errors and unnecessary fees often went unnoticed.

CHOC’s IT team didn’t regularly monitor contracts for each service agreement. Unfortunately, rates might skyrocket up to 300% if contracts lapse.


Through TEM services, Dynamic audited and analyzed CHOC’s IT assets, accounts, and utilization to identify potential cost savings.

During the TEM audit, Dynamic reviewed CHOC’s IT invoices and contracts to identify and resolve billing anomalies like overage charges and out-of-market rates.

As part of its ongoing TEM, Dynamic provides monthly contract status tracking to help CHOC prevent lapses and avoid rate hikes. Meanwhile, Dynamic project managers oversee CHOC’s IT vendors to ensure hassle-free service.


Dynamic TEM gives CHOC improved visibility and control of its telecom expenses—enabling the hospital to trim unnecessary IT spending and reallocate the savings toward patient care.

By plugging holes CHOC didn’t know were leaking, Dynamic uncovered more than $120,000 in potential annual savings. The hospital has already saved $70,000 by rerating services and reducing excess capacity.

By leveraging its deep telecom industry expertise and IT buying power, Dynamic helped CHOC negotiate better rates and build stronger vendor relationships.


Rapid transformation in the healthcare industry is forcing hospitals like CHOC to reduce costs and improve efficiencies wherever possible. When executives at the nationally-recognized children’s hospital realized they didn’t have a firm grasp on their contracted IT spending across multiple carriers and vendors, they worried how much extra they might be paying for unused phone lines or over-usage charges.

Since CHOC’s IT department focused on keeping these systems up and running, the team didn’t have time to review invoices from every service provider. As a result, billing errors, overage fees, rate hikes, and even contractual notices often went unnoticed—costing the hospital tens of thousands of dollars in avoidable excess.


Dynamic provided TEM solutions to bring CHOC’s IT spending into focus by auditing the hospital’s service providers and utilization rates. This revealed several opportunities for potential savings by:

  • Reducing excess capacity.
  • Eliminating extra phone lines.
  • Negotiating better rates based on actual usage.
  • Disconnecting unused features and services.
  • Uncovering costly billing errors and inconsistencies.

Beyond the IT audit, Dynamic also provides on-going contract status tracking to help CHOC stay ahead of auto renewals, contract terminations, and costly lapses that can cause rates to skyrocket by as much as 300%.


Dynamic’s TEM solution gave CHOC better visibility into and control over telecom expenses. Leveraging its deep telecom industry expertise, carrier networks, and IT buying power, Dynamic helped CHOC negotiate better rates and build stronger vendor relationships—strengthening the hospital’s carrier mix while lowering the overall cost.

By evaluating CHOC’s TEM, Dynamic uncovered more than $120,000 in potential annual savings. The hospital network has already realized nearly $70,000 in savings by rerating services and reducing capacity.

As an independent broker, Dynamic helped CHOC select the best telecom solutions at the best rates. This unbiased guidance allows CHOC to optimize its IT spending and reallocate the savings toward its mission of advancing pediatric care.

See how Dynamic can help your organization control IT spending with TEM.

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