Client Testimonials

“I’ve known the Dynamic team for a long time and they been helping me with Integra for years. They always know how to lower my rate at renewal time. They are and always there for me if I have any questions about expanding my business. I highly recommend Dynamic”

“Dynamic recently helped us put our mail and CRM systems in the cloud and … wow. In four words: way cheaper – way better.”

“We used Dynamic to help us design and source our MPLS network and are very pleased with the result. We’ll definitely use them again.”

“When we had a billing issue, Dynamic was right there to catch it and get the carrier to issue credits. Two thumbs way up.”

“Dynamic knows their stuff. They helped us source the perfect 10-location Voice-over-MPLS network. Now that it’s installed we pay 20% less than we did to Verizon, and it can do twice as much, twice as fast. Best of all, I know I don’t have to contact the carrier if I ever need anything – Dynamic is my first and only call for help.”

“Dynamic audited our entire wireless spend across two different providers (AT&T and Verizon). Not only did they find 20% savings which is being used to upgrade our wireline network, they actively monitor each handset each month to ensure our costs stay low.”

“The Dynamic team was such a pleasure to work with. They are positive and know the telecom carriers. I highly recommend Dynamic.”

“I was able to get superior guidance, service, and direction from Dynamic who are truly head and shoulders above other vendors in this work space and I’ll strongly recommend them to other IT professionals.”

“My company needed to set up a new mail server with 25MB of burstable bandwidth on a budget. Dynamic came in, ran the numbers, and found us a great colo facility that has met and exceeded our expectations”

“Dealing with carriers is the worst. Having someone like Dynamic who can just take care of it all is a no-brainer.”

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank the team at DNA! You guys seriously rock and roll. Please let me know the next time you or any of the folks from DNA  are in DFW next; I’d LOVE to take you guys out. We really appreciate DNA’s friendliness, incredible patience, professionalism, and unrivaled skillset. I personally, am tremendously grateful that all of you are not only responsive; but, also that you all are ambitious to be the best in your trade. It’s very pleasing to have equally passionate partners.”

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