Granger Medical Clinic is one of Utah’s largest independent, physician-owned medical groups, with more than 800 employees and 170 providers across 24 locations. As an Accountable Care Organization with a 99% quality of care rating, Granger continually evaluates its costs and processes to provide the best care possible in the communities it serves. 


When a patchwork of aging on-premises servers began to hinder the clinic’s growth, Granger turned to Dynamic Network Advisors for help streamlining its disjointed network infrastructure. Dynamic supported Granger’s expansion and cloud migration to virtual Microsoft 365 servers, while recommending secure cloud-based solutions to protect the clinic’s sensitive medical data.


As Granger tripled in size, the clinic’s outdated on-premises Microsoft Exchange server went through numerous patches and add-ons until it became a jumble of data storage.

Granger previously relied on an on-premises email firewall that required extensive manual input to run update and scan for malware.

People are often the biggest vulnerability in any cybersecurity strategy, and Granger was no exception. By clicking a link in a malicious email, one employee could jeopardize an organization’s entire database.


Dynamic consolidated Granger’s tangled network infrastructure into a centralized data center, and then migrated it to the cloud–virtualizing the server to Microsoft 365.

Dynamic recommended Mimecast, a cloud-based email security platform that frees up Granger’s IT team from having to perform manual updates and constant maintenance.

Dynamic introduced Granger to Stickley on Security for ongoing cybersecurity training to defend against spam, phishing attempts, and other data attacks.


Microsoft Office applications, email, and other collaboration tools are now streamlined on a virtual server, helping Granger optimize efficiencies across the organization. More importantly, data is secured with instant backup and disaster recovery.

Mimecast automatically blocks spam, ransomware, impersonation attempts, and other cyberattacks from infiltrating Granger’s email—preventing precious data loss.
Granger’s employees learn to recognize spam and other cybersecurity threats through quarterly training. Stickley randomly sends out phishing tests to keep Granger’s team on high alert.


A sudden growth spurt saw Granger Medical Clinic expand from three locations to more than 20 within the span of 14 months. As the employee base multiplied in size and the patient volume increased exponentially, the amount of data traveling throughout the organization swelled.

During this rapid growth, Granger’s aging on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers endured countless patches—creating a tangled mess of spaghetti networks with bolted-on firewalls that required manual updates and constant maintenance. To keep up with the rapid pace of growth, Granger needed a more streamlined and secure solution for data storage.


With guidance from Dynamic’s technical engineers, Granger consolidated its patchwork infrastructure into one streamlined data center. Then, they moved it to the cloud, virtualizing the server to Microsoft 365 within two months’ time. Dynamic facilitated a relationship with Rapid Scale, a Cox Business company, to provide cloud migration services and a co-managed cloud hosting solution that allows Granger’s IT team to retain global admin rights while leaning on the host’s ongoing support.
To replace Granger’s cumbersome on-premises email firewall, Dynamic’s cybersecurity experts recommended Mimecast, a cloud- based email security platform that automatically blocks spam, ransomware, vendor impersonation attempts, and other cyberthreats to protect Granger’s data. This enhanced email protection, combined with quarterly cybersecurity training from Stickley on Security, keeps Granger on-guard against a variety of digital threats.


By streamlining Microsoft Office applications, email, and other collaboration tools into a virtual server on the cloud, Granger can optimize efficiencies across the organization while reducing the time the IT team must spend on manual updates and expensive maintenance.

More importantly, Granger’s data is now secured with instantaneous on-site backup and disaster recovery through Microsoft Azure. If the worst-case scenario should happen, Granger can spin up its entire infrastructure within an hour, avoiding any data loss.

“Healthcare organizations handle a lot of sensitive patient information, so medical data is always under heavy attack from hackers,” said Director of IT for Granger Medical Clinic. “Strengthening our perimeter defense is critical to protecting our data. Dynamic Network Advisors has made our company safer and more efficient.”

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