Granger Medical Clinic is one of Utah’s largest independent, physician-owned medical groups, with more than 800 employees and 170 providers across 24 locations. As an Accountable Care Organization with a 99% quality of care rating, Granger continually evaluates its costs and processes to provide the best care possible in the communities it serves.

Fast Facts

Dynamic Network Advisors began partnering with Granger six years ago to improve the clinic’s network connectivity design— leveraging software-defined area wide network (SD-WAN) architecture to scale bandwidth cost-effectively across locations. As Granger expanded to 24 locations, Dynamic supported the clinic’s growth by managing multiple telecom vendors and carriers to negotiate and implement the best available solutions. When the COVID pandemic tested the limits of Granger’s on-premises voice system, Dynamic quickly transitioned the clinic to Hosted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) environment to increase flexibility, productivity, and mobility.


Granger’s IT team was spending too much time juggling multiple network carriers and telecom vendors, instead of focusing on strategic initiatives.

As Granger expanded its footprint, the cost of managing separate on-premises telecom systems at each location became an obstacle.

When Utah’s governor issued a stay-at-home order in March to slow the spread of COVID, Granger’s staff did not have the flexibility to work from home because the clinic’s on-premises voice solution tied them to their desks.


Acting as an extension of Granger’s team, Dynamic took over management of all the clinic’s telecom providers and recommended more efficient solutions.

UCaaS replaces the costly capital expense of on-premises hardware with a predictable monthly operational expense that bundles voice services and cloud communication solution.

In less than 30 days, Dynamic virtualized Granger’s phone system by transitioning to Hosted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)—allowing users to instantly access business applications from any location.


By offering a single point of contact for voice, cloud, and connectivity solutions, Dynamic freed Granger’s IT team to focus on core business objectives instead of chasing vendors.

Dynamic helped Granger streamline its billing, reducing telecom-related costs by 40% (or $288,000), plus an additional $150,000 savings in capital expenditures.

UCaaS gives Granger more flexibility to interact with patients, vendors, and employees anywhere and at any time—significantly improving productivity
by letting employees work from home during the pandemic.


Several years ago, Granger Medical Clinic realized that its IT team was spending too much time and money juggling on-premises telecom systems from multiple vendors. As the physician-owned medical group rapidly expanded its footprint with new locations, this expensive patchwork approach hindered the clinic’s long-term growth.

When COVID cases surged in March of 2020, Utah’s governor issued a stay-at-home order that revealed another urgent problem with Granger’s on-premises solution: since users had to be on-site to access the clinic’s phone system and other business applications, staff couldn’t work from home to provide uninterrupted service during the pandemic.


Dynamic evaluated Granger’s network connectivity to plan out a more redundant design with SD-WAN that increased the clinic’s bandwidth while reducing IT costs. By acting as a single point-of-contact to manage all of Granger’s carriers and vendors, Dynamic eased the burden on the IT team to help the clinic streamline its communications and connectivity solutions.

In response to the urgent needs created by the COVID pandemic, Dynamic virtualized Granger’s phone system in less than 30 days. By moving the organization to cloud-based hosted UCaaS, Dynamic gave Granger’s 1,200 employees the power to connect and share information anywhere, on any device—instantly enabling seamless remote communication.


Communication is critical in healthcare facilities, where timely access to information can save lives. By unifying the clinic’s disjointed voice services and network solutions, Dynamic helped Granger navigate the transition to UCaaS smoothly to unlock seamless communication through the cloud. UCaaS gives Granger’s staff the flexibility to interact with patients, partners, and colleagues from any location, using any device—allowing them to work from home or float between locations without missing a beat.

“Our partnership with Dynamic Network Advisors enabled a truly incredible transformation of our entire communications infrastructure,” said Granger Medical Clinic’s Director of IT. “A transition of this scale and speed wouldn’t have been possible for us without their involvement.”

By managing the clinic’s transition to UCaaS, Dynamic freed Granger’s IT team from the time-consuming hassles of telecom migration. Moving to the cloud helped the clinic tap into significant IT savings—reducing telecom costs by 40% percent (or $288,000), plus an additional $150,000 in capital expenditures.

Contact Dynamic Network Advisors to streamline your communications and tap into the cost savings of UCaaS.

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