AllyAlign Health is a healthcare insurance management company that partners with senior living providers to implement Medicare Advantage solutions for their residents. These innovative health insurance strategies enable AllyAlign’s clients to offer provider-sponsored managed care plans for vulnerable senior populations—reducing healthcare costs while improving quality of life for patients through personalized care coordination. Based in Richmond, Virginia, AllyAlign manages plans in 22 states, serving nearly 15,000 seniors in more than 550 housing communities, with more than $350 million in premiums under management.


When AllyAlign Health realized that its contact center platform didn’t have the integration capabilities or call routing functionality
to support its rapid growth, the organization turned to Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) from NICE InContact to improve the patient and provider experience. But when bottlenecks and communication gaps made it difficult to reach the contact center provider with questions, Dynamic Network Advisors stepped in to manage the relationship and streamline the process as a single point-of-contact—allowing AllyAlign to focus on growth.


AllyAlign Health’s contact center solution didn’t fully integrate with in-house software or offer efficient call routing capabilities—which impacted user experiences for care providers and patients.

Since AllyAlign Health had to go through a third-party vendor to reach its contact center provider, tracking down solutions to service issues required a runaround that resulted in communication gaps.


AllyAlign implemented industry-leading cloud-based CCaaS software from NICE InContact to add more robust functionality to its contact center operations.

AllyAlign called on Dynamic to mediate the vendor relationship, with Dynamic serving as a single point-of-contact with the CCaaS provider.


With ongoing support and unbiased guidance from the experts at Dynamic, AllyAlign can optimize and scale the capabilities of its CCaaS solution as the business grows.

Communication between AllyAlign and NICE InContact improved dramatically after Dynamic stepped in to manage the relationship. Having a reliable point-of-contact keeps AllyAlign’s contact center operations running smoothly.


During a period of rapid growth, AllyAlign Health realized that its contact center solution couldn’t keep up the pace. Since the system didn’t integrate with AllyAlign’s in-house software, it was difficult for agents in the contact center to efficiently route calls to the right department. The platform simply didn’t offer the functionality AllyAlign needed to ensure a consistent experience for patient and care provider engagement.

Even after AllyAlign implemented a more robust cloud-based contact center software through a third-party vendor, the level of service was lacking. Forced to work through the vendor to reach the provider, it became increasingly difficult to track down answers and resolve service issues—causing a glaring gap in communication by early 2020.


After trialing several contact center platforms with more robust capabilities, AllyAlign decided to adopt NICE InContact, and industry-leading CCaaS solution. A third-party vendor, Jive, implemented the system—which meant that AllyAlign had to go through Jive to reach NICE InContact about service issues and other questions.

Faced with a widening communication gap, AllyAlign’s new chief operating officer made it a priority to unravel the tangled chain of communication in the contact center operation. In early 2020, the company called on Dynamic Network Advisors to mediate the relationship with Jive (which is now GoToConnect) and become the main point of contact with NICE InContact.

Dynamic leveraged its existing relationships with both Jive and NICE InContact to identify the proper contacts, establish service escalation procedures, and relieve AllyAlign from the burden of juggling multiple vendors. Dedicated account managers from Dynamic provide ongoing support by handling service issues, billing questions, and other requests—allowing AllyAlign’s team to focus on the long-term strategic growth of their business.


Since Dynamic stepped in to manage the contact center solution, communication and collaboration between AllyAlign and NICE InContact have improved dramatically. Whenever the company has a question about contact center operations or other network issues, Dynamic is only a phone call away with unbiased guidance and support—resulting in faster issue resolution and more efficient service.

This productive back-and-forth communication keeps AllyAlign’s contact center running smoothly, ensuring a more consistent experience for patient and provider engagement.

“Our experience with Dynamic has been phenomenal,” says contact center operations manager at AllyAlign Health. “I expect certain things in a relationship with a vendor, and they’ve given us what we need. Anytime I have an issue, they’re there.”

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