Medical providers can reap savings by evaluating enterprise mobility costs


As medical technologies rapidly advance, real-time data becomes increasingly vital to patient care. Healthcare providers need instant, secure, and reliable access to all sorts of medical data to deliver care effectively—whether they’re at the patient’s bedside or working remotely on a mobile device. Since the costs, risks, and demands related to mobile medical care can quickly overwhelm a healthcare IT department, organizations are turning to mobile expense management (MEM) solutions to take control of their wireless connectivity.

To stay competitive in this mobile age, healthcare organizations must find cost-effective ways to manage their wireless services and support these demands. As more mobile devices are connecting to hospital networks, accelerated by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and Wi-Fi-enabled medical devices, the challenge of enterprise mobility management multiplies. 

With mobility audits and ongoing IT consulting from Dynamic Network Advisors, healthcare providers can manage—and ultimately reduce—enterprise wireless costs through MEM. Here are some of the ways in which mobile expense management services can reap significant cost-savings in the healthcare industry.


Overcoming the challenges of wireless mobility

The massive costs associated with wireless mobility can be difficult to manage, especially as healthcare organizations open their networks to support a variety of Wi-Fi-enabled devices. In addition to the wireless requirements of clinical staff, patients and visitors also expect ubiquitous connectivity on their devices—compounding a hospital’s bandwidth demands.

The costs of meeting these multifaceted demands add up quickly. Billing errors, overage fees, and contract details easily get lost in the bustle of healthcare telecommunications when hospital IT teams are juggling multiple wireless service providers. As a result, many organizations unnecessarily overpay for enterprise mobility services.

Mobile expense management solutions empower healthcare organizations to streamline these costs and complexities. By helping companies audit their wireless plans, mobile usage, and monthly bills, Dynamic provides a valuable MEM service to uncover hidden fees and unlock potential savings.

Saving money with mobile expense management

By leveraging extensive experience in healthcare IT, Dynamic helps organizations reduce mobility costs by targeting some of the most likely hiding spots for extra fees and missed savings.

These cost-saving strategies include:

  • Tapping into group purchasing discounts
  • Recovering credits for billing errors and overcharges
  • Pooling mobile data plans
  • Negotiating lower rates from carriers

Mobile expense management solutions from Dynamic offer significant savings without requiring an organization to change any of its wireless carriers, contracts, or equipment. By simply optimizing the existing infrastructure with keen insights into mobile data usage, MEM solutions from Dynamic help healthcare companies make the most of their devices and wireless service plans.

On average, Dynamic’s clients achieve double-digit savings by implementing MEM. Beyond these cost-savings, Dynamic provides ongoing support and consulting to guide clients’ mobility strategies into the future by continuously evaluating new features and rate optimization opportunities.

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As healthcare organizations continue to battle mobility demands in an increasingly wireless environment, MEMsolutions are a crucial tool to maximize patient satisfaction and clinical staff productivity while controlling IT costs. This approach to enterprise mobility management can free up hospital resources to reallocate toward patient care—enabling better delivery of medical services in the mobile era.

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