The client is a private equity firm that invests primarily in energy resources, mining, and sustainable infrastructure such as wind, solar, and battery storage. With more than $12 billion invested or committed capital since its inception in the early 2000’s, the firm focuses on financing critical components of the global energy transition. The firm has offices in six cities internationally and employs 70 people worldwide.


With limited internal IT resources to manage its international network infrastructure, the firm called on the technical experts at Dynamic Network Advisors to provide managed solutions and support.


Due to senior-level staff turnover, the
client required a managed IT solution
from a partner with vast technical

The client struggled to maintain its
existing IT infrastructure, software, and

The client required support to manage the
firm’s help desk and project requests.


Dynamic connects the firm with
dedicated resources while providing
ongoing vendor and project

A managed IT vendor, Thrive, deployed
services including patch management,
cybersecurity, and managed cloud

Thrive now serves as the firms’s primary
helpdesk and technical support.


The client benefits from a strong network
of specialized IT service providers and
resources for network and infrastructure

The client achieved ongoing
maintenance for its IT infrastructure with
support from expert engineers.

The client now offloads the bulk of its
IT burden, freeing the firm to focus on
revenue-generating initiatives.


When the private equity firm’s IT director left the firm after nearly a decade, it depleted the firm’s technical staff to just one junior level IT resource. Although the firm had already moved its core systems from physical servers to a cloud-based infrastructure, maintaining this environment was an ongoing challenge. Additionally, the firm’s remaining IT staff struggled to keep up with help desk support and project requests.

To supplement its limited in-house knowledge and experience, the firm turned to the third-party experts at Dynamic Network
Advisors to connect the investment firm with the technical resources and support required to keep the business running.


Dynamic brought in specialized third-party vendors like Thrive to take on the day-to-day oversight and maintenance of the firm’s network.

Thrive deployed a co-managed IT solution for the firm that included Kaseya patch management software for servers and
workstations, cybersecurity monitoring, vulnerability scanning, managed Microsoft 365 capabilities, and managed Azure databases, along with end-user support.

Additionally, Thrive took charge of the firm’s international IT infrastructure by providing managed and monitored voice and data connectivity, while serving as the primary IT help desk for the firm’s employees around the globe.

Thrive manages the day-to-day oversight of the firm’s network and infrastructure. Meanwhile, Dynamic orchestrates biweekly calls with the firm and Thrive to facilitate clear, concise communications between the firm and the IT vendor — ensuring smooth project management and successful implementation.

“Dynamic has a strong network of IT resources that they can call in, which gives me confidence that they’re going to put the right people in front of us,” the firms Chief Operating Officer. “It helps tremendously to have a third-party expert that you can rely on when you don’t have the dedicated resources in-house.”


With Dynamic’s support, the firm now benefits from a strong network of specialized IT service providers and network and
infrastructure management resources. In addition to facilitating ongoing management and maintenance of the firm’s network
infrastructure and software functionality, the firm also connects the investment firm with other service providers and solutions to address specific IT needs.

Dynamic’s collaborative guidance and ongoing support alleviate the firm’s administrative burden and bolster its available resources. The firm now successfully offloads the bulk of its IT burden, allowing the firm to focus on its investments instead of its technology infrastructure.

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