In fast-paced healthcare settings, reliable access to real-time data can be a matter of life or death. To deliver quality care in compliance with strict regulations, providers need up-to-date medical information to be available at a patient’s bedside. Whether they’re viewing x-rays on a mobile device or remotely tracking a patient’s vitals through a Wi-Fi-enabled medical device, healthcare professionals depend on enterprise mobility management solutions to deliver critical data that empowers informed medical decisions.

Mobile technologies are transforming the healthcare experience by streamlining clinical workflows for providers and yielding better results for patients. Here are five of the biggest benefits that enterprise mobility management solutions can offer the medical field:

1. Ensure reliable connectivity

Healthcare providers and patients alike expect ubiquitous connectivity across all their devices. As an increasing volume and variety of wireless devices connect to hospital networks, it can be challenging for IT teams to manage this bandwidth and provide the Wi-Fi access people need when they need it.

By deploying a reliable, always-on wireless network, organizations can keep all users connected, whether they’re in the waiting room or at a patient’s bedside. Robust enterprise mobility management solutions can even prioritize bandwidth as needed to ensure that critical medical devices stay connected, giving providers access to the real-time data that they need to make life-saving decisions.

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2. Improve patient care

Enterprise mobility management solutions improve efficiency and streamline clinical workflows, empowering providers to make informed decisions on the spot without having to rely on stationed computers to retrieve files or process paperwork. When medical professionals have access to up-to-the-minute data at their fingertips, they can respond instantly to changing patient needs and deliver the highest quality care possible. Enterprise mobility management solutions can also help staff locate medical equipment across the network, which accelerates treatment while optimizing the use of assets.

3. Enable remote care

Enterprise mobility management solutions make healthcare accessible to everyone, wherever they are. By leveraging portable Wi-Fi-enabled medical devices like insulin pumps and heart monitors, physicians can track patients’ conditions without requiring additional trips to the hospital, which can save considerable time and money. The telehealth potential of mobility solutions will likely transform the way healthcare is delivered in the future.

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4. Enhance the patient experience

Beyond the clinical benefits of enterprise mobility, simply providing reliable Wi-Fi to patients and visitors can improve a hospital’s satisfaction ratings substantially. By offering mobile check-in options using proximity applications, clinics can reduce wait times and make visits more convenient. Plus, mobile technologies can be used to deliver instant notifications to patients, staff, and visitors to signal when prescriptions or test results are available, expediting the process and minimizing anxiety.

5. Secure valuable medical data

The convenience of wireless connectivity carries an inherent security risk, and as a result, healthcare organizations must prioritize the privacy of their medical data on Wi-Fi networks. With secure enterprise mobility management solutions, hospitals can immediately identify unauthorized devices and mitigate cybersecurity risks. These solutions automatically separate authorized users from guests to protect patient privacy in compliance with HIPAA requirements and keep medical data safe and secure.

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Enterprise mobility management solutions you can trust

To address the increasing demands for network bandwidth, healthcare IT teams must deploy robust, reliable mobile solutions to improve staff productivity and patient satisfaction. At the same time, organizations must also find cost-effective ways to manage these wireless services.

With mobile expense management solutions and ongoing IT consulting from Dynamic Network Advisors, healthcare providers can take control of their wireless connectivity to maximize the benefits of mobility. Building upon years of experience overcoming mobility challenges in complex industries, Dynamic’s technical engineers provide the expertise that hospitals need to work more efficiently and improve patient care while reducing enterprise wireless costs.

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